goodbye to portland:    may 2005

 Ah, Alberta Street.  I wish I had been cool enough to live there.  Why I wasn't blogging for a few weeks: Multiply this by four.  Perpetual pdx darling, Thilo.  I hope to return around his second birthday.  Khaldoun and Jill at the Tin Shed on Alberta.  Together we crossed off several infamous Portland cafes in my last few weeks.  Aren't they cute?  Katie, at her bachelorette party in Vegas.  Okay, technically not Portland, but let's be geographically forgiving.
 In which Katie ceremoniously eats a burger before the flight out of town.  She has a thing for tiaras.  Christine and the now very grown up Averly pose with me outside the Knight Library.  Christine and Averly  Corey, Michelle, and I mooch for the camera outside the Knight Library.  Some of us consider the building a shrine to late night intellectual debauchery.  Others may not have the rose-colored glasses of undergrad nostalgia.  So long, decrepit building!  May your ceilings never rot over the nice tenants.  Twenty-third.  How I will miss spending money on superfluous trinkets and organic lattes.
 More of 23rd in its yuppie glory.  Berniece, the director of the library where I worked for three years, was an excellent role model.  Mom and I visited Lloyd and Julie.    

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